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A journey across 10 countries and 20 cities


When moving to a business service centre approach there are a multitude of questions; What roles and locations should it cover? Do you insource or outsource? How will you implement and manage the new way of working? Onshore or Offshore? Where to locate? To help you with the latter of these questions Hays have worked with the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL), Deloitte and JLL to profile 20 cities in 10 European countries.


As business service centres become commonplace and increasingly covering more complex value add processes, location options have evolved too. Europe offers a diverse selection of well-educated, multilingual locations. In recognition of this Hays, ABSL, Deloitte and JLL’s report provides an overview of Europe’s lay-of-the-land for locating business services, profiling a selection of destination countries and cities.

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